Malia’s beanie appreciation post :)

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It takes less than 30 seconds and less than 10 clicks to do all 4 links…PLEASE help dogs and cats in shelters!!



1 - gives kibble to dogs in shelters with a single click

2 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to dogs in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

3 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to cats in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

4 - gives cat litter to cats in shelters with a single click

I’m not saying anybody HAS to do this, but it IS quick and easy. :) 

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"If people love what I do, that’s fantastic. And there’s always going to be people who don’t, and if I focus on that, then it’ll destroy me. I have to just worry about my own opinion and the opinions of the people I’m working with and people who are close to me. Otherwise, it’ll drive me crazy."

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Kat, “I think I accidentally walked into a gay bar.” — Bee

"Are you sure it was an accident…?"


Am I in love? —yes, since I am waiting. The other one never waits. Sometimes I want to play the part of the one who doesn’t wait; I try to busy myself elsewhere, to arrive late; but I always lose at this game. Whatever I do, I find myself there, with nothing to do, punctual, even ahead of time. The lover’s fatal identity is precisely this: I am the one who waits.

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse  (via redwoodcollective)

Mmhmm yes.

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this is so accurate and sad

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I find the need to remind myself of the temporariness of a day, to reassure myself that I got through yesterday, I’ll get through today.
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Chloë Grace Moretz for Allure Magazine

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January Word Count: 27,876
February Word Count: 16,799
March Word Count: 6,658
April Word Count: 12,004
May Word Count: 24,134
June Word Count: 11,487
July Word Count: 14,054
August Word Count: 6,635
Overall 2014 Word Count: 119,647


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